The UNESCO site for children

Ville in gioco: Come and discover together with Cecco the Medici Villas and gardens in Tuscany

The Medici in power: the Medici villas system

The first video pill in the “Ville in gioco” series is dedicated to the Medici villas system. We discover innovation, change and the value of villas as a model in Europe.

The Medici gardens: geometry and wonder surrounded by greenery

The second video pill is dedicated to the Medici gardens. Let’s discover the origins of the Italian garden and the garden of wonders.


The Medici villas: from Tuscany to the world!

The third video pill in the series is dedicated to the importance of the suburban villa model invented by the Medici. Let’s discover with Cecco some aspects of everyday life inside the Medici villas.


Now play with us!

We discover the Medici villas and gardens playing and we learn many curiosities about the history of the Medici and the art related to the villas of the UNESCO site.

Game: Who I am, a very peculiar portrait

In 1575 the painter Giovanni Maria Butteri painted a very particular portrait of the Medici family in which each face hides a secret.

Game: A puzzle of villas

Florence, April 1931, at Palazzo Vecchio is about to inaugurate the great exhibition dedicated to the Italian garden. The architect Tomaso Buzzi has created a map of the Medici villas in the region, but has not yet put in order all the squares.

Quiz: to each his own face

How well do you know the Medici family? Are you able to recognize its main members?

Quiz: the Medici Gardens between art and science

How much do you know about the gardens made by the Medici? What meaning do they conceal? Test yourself.

Game: Artist’s Lunettes, Finder Finds

What were these country houses like in the past? Even if photography had not yet been invented, you can find out thanks to Ferdinand I and his painter Giusto Utens.

Game: The Medici Pomp

In 1636 the painter Baldassarre Franceschini, known as Volterrano, was commissioned by Don Lorenzo de’ Medici to decorate the central courtyard of the Villa della Petraia as a fresco. Do you know what these beautiful paintings represent?

Quiz: the architecture of villas between leisure and power

How well do you know the Medici villas? What innovations have they introduced in architecture? Test yourself.


Ideas and stories to explore the Medici history